Simple weekly reporting

Shopranger reports tell you who’s sharing, bying, commenting, and following you, whether they’re mail or female and where they’re from.

Reports | Keep track of your audience

Our report gives you insight into your subscribers’ activity and advanced stats show how your social campaigning affect traffic to your facebook pages.


Reports features | Your weekly results

With the ShopRangers reports features you’ve got all the most important data from your online social activity on facebook so you can adjust your strategy if necessary. You can monitor who views your facebook pages, if they’re sharing or liking your messages. Whether they’re male or female, where they come from and what they’re buying.

As all features in the ShopRangers Tool ‘Reports’ is easy to handle, just select the reports feature in our tool and it will show you all the detail. Features are;

Reports on who you’re reaching with your messages and who’s sharing them.
Reports on who you’re targeting: man vs woman.
Reporting on where your audience comes from so you can cater for specific regions.
Reports on sales orders from your shop on facebook.
Download your reports so you can file them.