Your shop on social media

Start publishing your products, brand, posts and promotions across Facebook and Twitter users.

Publishing | Managing your channels

You just choose what you want to publish and our app will update your Facebook-wall, Tweets and Shop right away. Just for retailers who’ve got better things to do than spending hours a week updating and tracking their social media posts.


Publishig features

Publish Promotions on Facebook & Twitter;
Publish Product to your online shop on Facebook;
Publish Announcements on Facebook & Twitter.

Publishing with the ShopRanger Tool is as easy as abc. With one tool you can manage your social media posts and shop. Just follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Simple step-by-step navigation

Ones you’ve decided whether you want to post a promotion, announcement or place a new product in your online shop you just simply follow the instructions below. The best part; it works the same on any device, anywhere you are.

So you want to share? First take a ‘new’ picture.
Or select a picture from your library or dropbox library.
Once you’ve done that you just start adding text to your post.
Then you add taggs like, brand, style, colour, etc. to optimize seo.
Adding a new product to your store? Then add the number of articles in stock, sizes and colors they’re available in.